Cynthie Fisher

Cynthie Fisher has been a professional wildlife artist for over 30 years. She is self-taught, using her degree in zoology to enhance her abilities to create accurate and dynamic one of a kind originals. Living in Montana also influences her work, and she travels extensively all over the world to study her chosen subjects, including 18 trips to Africa (so far!).

Her chosen mediums vary; she works in oils, acrylics, scratchboard, glass, and bronze. But her work shares the characteristic of being dynamic, colorful and often featuring species not often depicted. Cynthie has won dozens of awards from conservation groups like Ducks Unlimited and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, as well as having her artwork grace 16 duck stamps and over 150 different limited edition print designs. She is on the board of the Society of Animal Artists, and shows her work all over the country.

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